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Small Business Owners outsourcing to PEOs.

Why is outsourcing payroll to a Professional Employer Organization so attractive?

PayrollMost owners and managers recognize just how valuable their time is and would prefer to devote most of their time to the core business rather then worrying about the burden of paperwork, compliance and other administrative tasks.

In addition to saving time, PEOs provide economy of scale enabling each client company to reduce employment costs and have greater purchasing power. This includes the ability to provide a considerably larger choice of benefits, usually at a much lower price. Better benefit plans will help attract and retain the top quality employees that may otherwise choose to work for a larger company.

PEOs also provide critical assistance with employer compliance. By assuming responsibility of staying in compliance with rules and regulations, a PEO helps protect the client company against liability.

PEO services are available regardless of your business size – whether you are running a small business with just three employees, a division of a major corporation, or anything in between.

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