Why is the Payroll Marketplace so effective?


Real-time marketplace

Payroll Marketplace allows you to create an instant listing of your Payroll needs. No waiting for approvals or confirmations. Payroll companies can begin creating quotes for you within minutes of your listing going live.

Competitive rates

We bring together the Clients and Payroll companies, and by doing so have created a competitive environment that accomplishes 2 goals; you get the best rates, and the proposals, at faster than normal turnaround times as each PEO is vying for your business. 

Quick Comparisons

When you log in to your Client Proposal page you can view multiple proposals from PEOs that allow for quick comparison, or you can view details about each one. See which Payroll company is the best fit compared to the others, all on one page. It couldn't be easier.

Specific-needs matching

If your company has specific needs or are in an industry that is highly specialized, Payroll Marketplace will enable you to save time by filtering only those Payroll companies that meet your prioritized needs.

One-stop service

Because you only need enter the basic information to start your listing to find a great payroll company fast, you will find that you won't need to make phone call after phone call and search website after website to try to have someone get back to you. Fill out one quick form and get proposals from PEOs eager to service your business payroll.

It's Free

There is no cost for the use of the Payroll Marketplace. You may create a listing to find a new Payroll company, whether you currently have one or not. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by shopping for the lowest rates with no obligation, for free.


Questions & Answers


PayrollAccountants / CPAs

See how you can outsource client Payroll and increase profitability.


PayrollInsurance Agents

Leverage the power of the Payroll Marketplace for added revenue.


PayrollPEOs (Employee Leasing)

Find new clients with no upfront costs. New real-time listings are added daily.


PayrollPEO Brokers/Individuals

See how you can tap into the vast resource of the Payroll Marketplace.


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Need a payroll quote? It's easy. Your payroll needs are listed according to a few simple criteria such as Gross Yearly Payroll, number of Employees, Benefit package needs, etc. All done while your company name and contact information remains completely confidential.  

We know you need solutions quickly, at the best possible rates, so we created Payroll Marketplace to bring the Payroll quotes to you.