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What is residual income, and why would you want to increase it? In a nutshell, residual income is income that comes in even when you are not working. Residual income, also known as recurring income, can be defined as an income that is continuously generated, on a regular basis, even after the person has ceased to being directly involved in the initial work that generated it in the first place.

Essentially your are creating more time for yourself while increasing revenues. Since a person with a residual income is not directly involved in work to generate it, it has an edge over the linear income. It is a great method to increase revenues and is  the most sought after in today's time of recession.

That's why entrepreneurs are joining our fast growing network and immediately start earning up to 70% monthly residual commission, for as long as the client is utilizing the PEO services!


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A few simple criteria such as Gross Yearly Payroll, number of Employees, Benefit package needs, etc. will be presented to proposing Payroll companies. 

Once you have accepted a Proposal, your contact information will only be provided to the approved Payroll company.

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