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A Payroll Service for the Construction Industry!

Many PEOs specialize in construction payroll using powerful construction-specific features: multiple states and localities, workers' compensation, certified payroll, pro-rated overtime, job costing, departmental payroll and much more.

PEOs can provide all payroll services for you, or you may use their online payroll process that allows you to access multiple numbers of payroll management reports when and where you need them.

Advantages of using a Payroll service that focuses on construction

  • Union reporting 
  • Departmental accounting 
  • Job cost (construction) payroll reports for your managers 
  • Certified payroll reporting for all state and federal requirements 
  • Workers' compensation - claims process, prompt issuance of certificates, etc. 
  • EEO payroll reports 
  • New hire payroll reports 
  • OCIP payroll reports
  • Unlimited shift definitions to automate pay differentials for any hours or days of operations
  • Certified Payroll and Prevailing Wage Rates

Are you required to submit a Certified Payroll

Registered for a government job? Using the information that you entered when you prepared the payroll, PEOs can print a Certified Payroll Register immediately after completing payroll. You may even set up a mandated wage scale for a job. 

When we prepare payroll, the software automatically calculates the pay rate for each employee who worked on that job - even taking fringe benefits into consideration. 

Job Burden Employee wages are only the beginning of your true payroll costs 

Social security, Medicare, workmen's comp insurance, federal and state unemployment and union contributions all add to the costs that you incur. We call those additional labor costs "burden". The software can calculate "burden" and distribute it to job cost (optional). The ability to quickly locate the burden on job management reports helps you accurately bill time and material jobs, better gauge future estimates, and stay informed of a job's true costs. 


Unions have many diverse requirements for calculations and reporting, and Payroll USA can handle the vast majority of them.

What is the PEO Advantage?

Today, employers face tremendous OSHA and COBRA responsibilities along with rising costs of maintaining in-house human resources and workers compensation departments. Dealing with payroll, medical coverage, and record keeping can be very costly. 

Fortunately, all of these functions and responsibilities can be transferred to a PEO for one reasonable rate.

At Payroll Marketplace you can find the right PEO to manage your payroll, fast.



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