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More and more accountants are choosing to outsource payroll and other time-consuming services in order to focus on more strategic initiatives.

They recognized that their clients benefit by having a PEO as an experienced and well represented partner, in their dealings with HR and government services.

Would expert advice on proper hire and termination techniques be valuable to you? A Professional Employer Organization can give you professional advice and information to help you avoid costly turnover.

Helping your client find additional savings on workers compensation, major medical benefits and outsourcing payroll administration improves overall client satisfaction and loyalty.

Payroll companies operating as PEO's (Professional Employer Organizations) enable you to cost-effectively outsource management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation. As an independent agent, you can add Workers' Compensation Insurance to your client offering and earn commissions on Payroll Marketplace referrals.

CPA firms are often swamped with clients and usually not staffed with a payroll department to handle payroll and human resouces sevices. They not do not have access to benefit programs like PEOs do. 

To help deliver on your cross-selling efforts, we provide you with your own secured portal so you can follow up on the status of your submissions. You remain informed every step of the way without having to make calls or even leave your desk.

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How does Payroll Marketplace
keep my Information private?

Your company name and contact information remains confidential until a proposal is reviewed and approved by you. 

A few simple criteria such as Gross Yearly Payroll, number of Employees, Benefit package needs, etc. will be presented to proposing Payroll companies. 

Once you have accepted a Proposal, your contact information will only be provided to the approved Payroll company.

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Your payroll needs are listed according to a few simple criteria such as Gross Yearly Payroll, number of Employees, Benefit package needs, etc. All done while your company name and contact information remains completely confidential.  

We know how important it is for your business to quickly find the right payroll provider, at the best possible rates, so we created Payroll Marketplace to bring Payroll quotes to you.