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Reduce Roofers' Workers' Compensation With a PEO Company.

PEOs work with roofers to scale down their workers' comp insurance.

PayrollWhen roofers use a PEO company, they can see dramatic savings- which bring down the employee-related costs of the work performed.

A roofer can see workers' compensation savings of 15 - 30% when using a PEO company.

Unlike with traditional insurance or a state work comp program that require thousands of dollars to get started plus the monthly premiums, a PEO company will also allow roofers to only pay a few hundred dollars to get started or $0 down, pay-as-you-go terms.

Find a PEO with Payroll Marketplace to reduce your workers' comp premium.

Because PEOs access our site looking for new clients daily, you are assured to get a quick response to your payroll needs. Proposals can be viewed in hours not days! 

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